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Escort Radar Detector Review we aim

In our website, Escort Radar Detector Review we aim to provide radar detector reviews, specifically for escort radar detector products. Each item is thoroughly analyzed using various criteria. Our goal is to analyze all escort radar detectors and come up with the best radar detector. The detector plays an audible alert when it detects that your car is in an impending danger. It will also display a visual alert just to make sure that the driver can both hear and see the alert. The alert also increases its audibility as the car gets closure to the source of danger to warn the driver properly. So no more annoying beeps and buzzers when it's not necessary. You will only be alerted when approaching a speed trap, or when police are taking radar. Last, the Escort Passport 9500i has speed sensitive radar reception sensitivity. What this does is enable the radar detector to switch from city mode to highway mode automatically so you don't have too.